Revealing global changes.

We are a U.S.-based satellite intelligence company that provides business and government decision-makers access to on-demand analytic solutions. Through our radar satellite network and data fusion expertise, Ursa detects real-time changes in the physical world to expand transparency. Our subscription and custom services enable you to access satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.

Giving you the most that global intelligence data has to offer

The Ursa platform unleashes the power of the world’s largest virtual radar satellite constellation combined with advanced AI and data fusion for unparalleled all weather, day/night decision advantage. We make it easy for you to access the best technology in a usable way.

Our unique event detection service empowers the end user to be the first to know about changes in the world.

Global+Oil+Img-1 Geo-Constellation

Change Monitoring

Tofua-1 Geo-Revisit-Rate

Custom Services

Dalian+China-1 On Demand Intel Reports

Direct Measurements

SAR Grid Squared-1 Image Services

Image Services


Keep track of your world in 5 steps

Keeping track of the world’s events is no easy task, and doing it yourself is even harder. We have distilled the process down to 5 core steps, making Ursa’s constellation of satellites ready to take a snapshot of your most valued projects.

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