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The effects of COVID-19 have greatly impacted the world’s economy. As a result, Ursa is offering special arrangements to increase the accessibility of our data.

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Market Activity Report

Use our activity indices and alerts to help you gain the most actionable business intelligence and insight.

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Global Oil Coverage

Our Global Oil Storage product now has increased storage data of North America, MENA and China.

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On-Demand Intel Reports

Ursa's satellite network enables our customers to access on-demand intelligence to answer specific questions. Near real-time intelligence gets you the exact intelligence you need, when you need it.

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The world  from above.

Global crude inventories have begun to show significant increases caused by an unprecedented drop in oil demand, an outcome of the ongoing economic paralysis. 

With Saudi Arabia vowing to supply record...

Will the world run out of storage to place unwanted barrels of oil?

The reduction in oil demand caused by coronavirus-related turmoil and Saudi Arabia’s record-high production have combined to create a...

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