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What if you could monitor your investments half a world away?

Identify Significant Trends Over Time

Our clients take advantage of the Ursa platform to obtain in-depth analysis of specific locations on an ongoing basis, which could be up to daily, if desired.

Ursa’s advanced AI analytics detect general change and determine when specific events occur on land or sea. Leveraging years of archived imagery, we’re able to create high-level baselines of activity, seasonal change patterns, and the fluctuations of supply and demand in the global economy. In-house data scientists use this information to correlate detected activity against leading or lagging economic indicators, as well as identify anomalous deviations from routine activity.

Product Features

Statistical analysis of activity

Site background research to establish baseline of activity, historical trends, and key indicators

Annotated overview of site for geographical reference and context

Access to up-to-date satellite imagery

Temporal visualizations to quickly analyze/visualize changes over time


Nissan Plant

Nissan's Kyushu plant produces the Serena minivan for the Japanese market and the Rogue SUV crossover, Nissan's top-selling car in the United States.

Ursa obtained Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images going back to September 2018, with an approximate 12 day cadence, and confirmed that the late February 2020 timeframe is the lowest level of production seen in the entire 17-month window. This finding represents a definitive signal for low production as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Wuhan Train Station

The Wuhan train station is the main freight railway station and marshalling yard of the Wuhan railway hub and metropolitan area, in China's Hubei Province. One of the largest facilities of its kind in the nation, the Wuhan North railway station has 112 tracks and over 650 switches.

Ursa observed significantly more railcars at the railway station in July 2019 than during the government mandated quarantine that started in late January 2020. Activity continues to remain low through mid-March 2020, signaling a slow return to normal levels of activity within the region.

Tianjin VW Plant

Using our in-house change detection capability, Ursa was also able to establish a baseline of activity for a Volkswagen manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China.

We observed a clear drop in activity in February 2020 that demonstrates the significant impact of Covid-19 on this facility’s output and may serve as a proxy for industrial activity within the region. Scalable to any location, this methodology helps you understand activity over time and with context provided by Ursa’s imagery analysts.

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