Direct Measurements

Directly Measure Speed, Distance, Direction or Presence

Global Oil Storage [Pre-Packaged Oil Monitoring Service]

Accuracy rules. Rely on the same tanks measured at the same terminals every week to give you transparency into oil inventories.

The earliest and most accurate global oil storage report available, weekly

Ursa Space uses the world's largest and most advanced virtual constellation of radar satellites to take direct measurements of more than 20,000 tanks each week and more than 6.6 billion barrels of capacity.

This innovative solution ensures our customers have access to the most reliable, consistent data as measurements are not dependent on weather conditions or expensive ground infrastructure.

“2/3 of what drives prices is inventory change. It's the other 1/3 that gets headlines“

Former Executive Chairman | International Energy Analytics Firm

Trends Analysis

The Ursa Space Oil Storage Trend Analysis provides customers with instant access to insights, charts, and analyses of weekly oil storage increases, decreases, and volatility. Customers save valuable time and effort with our analysis of the most important trends in global oil inventories.

Package Features

  • Cushing report delivered weekly on Mondays (ahead of API/EIA releases)
  • Global crude oil inventory reports delivered weekly on Thursdays (including energy analyst commentary)
  • Reports are accessible via API in PDF, CSV, and secure FTP formats
  • Data is available in near real-time API

Gain access to the Ursa Space Data Portal; a beautiful, user-friendly interface that help you get the job done

  • Interact directly with all our products to see the latest information for the places you care about most
  • Interactive maps and visualizations
  • Downloadable reports and whitepapers
  • Build and save custom data sets for recurring analysis
  • Access to Ursa Space’s On-Demand Intel Reports

We cover about 20,000 tanks at 1,200 terminals, representing 950 unique global sites, for 6.6+ billion barrels of capacity measured on a reliable weekly basis

China Macro Oil Storage [Pre-Packaged Oil Monitoring Service]

Understanding the Chinese economy is of paramount importance, but transparency is difficult to come by

This vital economic supply & demand indicator provides a pulse on often-elusive larger macro trends, allowing you to identify market inflection points and help predict future volatility. Sign up to receive weekly satellite radar-based measurements of China’s crude oil inventories as a leading indicator of the country’s economic health.

We cover 38 oil storage sites in China; more than 1.3 billion barrels of capacity.

  • Zhanjiang
  • Beijing
  • Chengdu
  • Dagang
  • Dongying
  • Hangzhou
  • Huangshaocun
  • Jiaxing
  • Kunming
  • Laizhou
  • Liuhengzhen
  • Longkou
  • Qilu
  • Qinzhou
  • Shicunzhen
  • Tieling
  • Urumuqi
  • Xiaojiabao
  • Caofeidian
  • Dalian
  • Huizhou
  • Lanshan
  • Ningbo
  • Qingdao
  • Tianjin
  • Weifang
  • Yantai
  • Zhoushan
  • Danzhou
  • Dushanzi
  • Lanzhou
  • Maoming
  • Daqing
  • Dongjiakou
  • Jinzhou
  • Quanzhou
  • Yingkou
  • Changxing
  • Shanshan

What do crude oil inventories say about China's:

  • GDP
  • Manufacturing
  • Equities
  • Bonds

What do crude oil inventories say about the rest of the world?

  • North American Stock Market
  • European Stock Market Emerging Markets
  • Global Bond Markets
  • Global FX
  • Broad Basket of Commodities
  • Global Oil Prices

“Access to data like Ursa Space’s is revolutionary. Clients can obtain weekly insights into oil inventory levels - a feat not possible even 5 years ago - and one that is especially difficult in China given that Beijing treats oil storage information as a closely-guarded state secret. Ursa Space’s radar-based approach yields accurate oil inventory measurements regardless of cloud cover, air pollution, or other meteorological obstacles. The pathways opened by satellite commodity tracking data like Ursa Space’s are still only in the early stages of analytical exploitation.“

Gabriel Collins | Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies (#1 ranked global energy think tank 2018 & 2019)

Package Features:

  • China country-level crude oil inventory measurement every week on a trailing 4-week basis from present week
  • Report delivered into your inbox Mondays at 9AM EST
  • PDF, CSV, FTP delivery covering over 1.3 billion barrels of Chinese strategic and commercial crude oil storage capacity utilization.

“Ursa Space has moved from a premier deep dive in oil price movements to helping traders unravel volatile macroeconomic developments“

Former Managing Director | Morgan Stanley