Custom Services Monitoring

Detect Trends in Real-Time

Activity monitoring tracks a location over time to understand patterns of life

By establishing a baseline of normal activity, the emergence of abnormal activity can be flagged and the client alerted. Visual confirmation is available upon request. We turn the results into an activity index, which normalizes the data and allows for scalability.

Using the same process, we can monitor multiple locations and create a single index providing a macro view. Context is added when we fuse satellite imagery with other sources, such as economic indicators, ship traffic data and open-source intelligence.

Answers questions like:

  • Are automotive factories in China operating? How is a Volkswagen-owned plant in Germany performing relative to Tesla’s facility in California?

  • Does Chicago’s freight rail activity confirm or rebut broad economic sentiment? Are other rail hubs sending the same signal?

  • What does Oakland’s cold storage warehouse indicate about China’s pork demand?

  • How can a lot used to store oil drilling equipment help predict oil production trends?

  • Are Amazon fulfillment centers busier-than-normal on a seasonally-adjusted basis?

Features and Benefits

  • Consistently monitor places of interest

  • Select single locations for a deep-dive or pick multiple spots for a macro view

  • Visualize the results as indices

  • Understand trends through regular updates

  • Receive alerts when anomalies occur

What you Get

Market Sectors

  • Defense & Civil Sectors

  • Financial Sector

  • Energy & Natural Resource


  • Global auto manufacturing activity

  • Supply chain activity

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