Geoffrey Craig
What you missed: GEOINT Community Forum

At a forum this week, attendees discussed new technologies and products being developed commercially to turn information into geospatial intelligence.

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Ursa Team
Story map: Using flaring data to measure oil production

Ursa can monitor oil production using flaring data. The volume of gas flared provides a proxy for production and can be used to gauge trends and tell whether fields are operating or not. Libya’s largest oilfield is El Sharara, with a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day, located 700 km

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Julie Baker
Alpha in the Sky - Ursa at Battlefin

Join us at  BattleFin's Discovery Day Intrepid  on June 14th in New York City. Discovery Day is BattleFin’s premier private event where investors, managers, data providers and systematic & data-centric hedge funds come to find alpha, capital and funding.

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Zack Downey
Global Crude Inventories Play Powerful Role for OPEC

Along with shale oil production, crude oil inventories are playing a powerful role in determining global oil prices. “ OPEC’s Foil: It Can’t Drain Enough Stored Oil ”, explains the difficult time that OPEC has had in trying to balance oil prices by cutting output. Investors need to

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