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The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to oil demand causing prices to plummet the last few weeks, with benchmark Brent crude down nearly 20% year-to-date. 

The presumption is that crude inventories will rise as refineries cut runs, first in China and possibly elsewhere if the virus cannot be controlled...

The amount of crude oil China holds in storage became a pertinent question this month when freight rates to Asia

reached record highs, discouraging flows on key supply routes from the Middle East and the United States.

Were China’s inventories sufficient to withstand declines in imports? Would refineries have to slow dow...

The talk in the oil market the last few months has centered on two main stories: concerns over global economic growth and conflict in the Strait of Hormuz.

The first story suggests less oil demand (bearish), while the second story implies less oil supply (bullish). Taken together, this narrative has kept oil prices in a...

In early July, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid al-Falih said that output cuts by OPEC and other major producers needed to be kept in place to lower crude inventories.

That wasn’t the first time al-Falih has mentioned crude inventories as the preferred metric for determining OPEC production policy.

What surprised ma...

It’s not typical for European crude inventories to fall in May, but this year has been different.

The Druzhba Pipeline, which can pump 1 million barrels per day, was closed after the discovery of contaminated crude mid-April. This removed a major source of supply from Russia to Europe.

On top of that, North Sea productio...

The biggest question in the oil market is whether some of the biggest oil producers in the world will follow through with pledged output cuts -- causing the global oil market to tighten.

The best indication for underlying conditions will be global inventories. Saudi Arabian oil minister Khalid al Falih said December 19...

When the Shanghai International Energy Exchange launched a crude futures contract back in March the oil market kept close tabs on its development.

Would China achieve its goal of establishing the world’s third crude benchmark? The other two being Brent and WTI. Or would the effort fizzle?

Perhaps the INE futures contract...

The Ursa Team road trip continued this week. Fresh from the Platts North American Crude Export Conference, we flew to Geneva to attend the Argus Global Crude Summit.

Despite crossing the Atlantic, US crude exports were still on the agenda. One speaker called the United States the most exciting place in the physical mark...

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