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What can satellite imagery tell you about China’s oil policy strategy?

That question was on the mind of Gabriel Collins, a research fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Affairs, home to the number one ranked energy think tank in the world.   

Fortunately, we were able to help. Ursa measures crude i...

The fire that engulfed a Philadelphia refinery on June 21 caused such extensive damage the owner decided to permanently close the financially-struggling facility.

It isn’t unusual for refineries to experience natural & man-made disasters. When these events strike, people are eager for information on the extent of destru...

It’s that time of year when an upcoming OPEC meeting becomes the central focus of the oil market.

Will OPEC and its coalition partners, led by Russia, decide to extend an agreement to suppress production into the second half of this year?

The meeting, originally scheduled to begin June 25, might be pushed back to early J...

It was a busy week for us traveling to Houston where we hosted an Ursa Insights event for clients and friends, shared the stage with our partner Planet Labs, and then returned to New York City for the Eagle Alpha buy-side conference.

Our message focused on ways to leverage our proprietary satellite data to gain intellig...

A list of the most pertinent questions facing the oil market would look something like this:

Will the ending of US waivers for buyers of Iranian crude drive the country’s exports to zero? Are there other producers who might increase output to replace lost supply?

How significant have US sanctions against Venezuela and Ir...

January 29, 2019

Ithaca, NY – January 29, 2019 – Ursa Space Systems, Inc. (Ursa) and SI Imaging Services (SIIS) have signed a multi-year contract, establishing Ursa’s continued access to KOMPSAT 5 radar satellite imagery, distributed exclusively by SIIS.

This contract renews a long-standing partnership, extending back to Ursa’s beginnin...

When the Shanghai International Energy Exchange launched a crude futures contract back in March the oil market kept close tabs on its development.

Would China achieve its goal of establishing the world’s third crude benchmark? The other two being Brent and WTI. Or would the effort fizzle?

Perhaps the INE futures contract...

October 29, 2018

ITHACA, NY - October 29, 2018 – Airbus Defence and Space will continue to provide access to its radar satellite data to Ursa Space Systems (Ursa), a data fusion and analytics company. Both parties signed a new four-year contract after having started their cooperation in 2015.

Under this agreement, Ursa will analyze and...

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