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The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to oil demand causing prices to plummet the last few weeks, with benchmark Brent crude down nearly 20% year-to-date. 

The presumption is that crude inventories will rise as refineries cut runs, first in China and possibly elsewhere if the virus cannot be controlled...

With 2019 drawing to a close, let’s look at the news stories and events that shaped the year, as chronicled on this site.

Every week, we published a new blog aiming to show how Ursa data can be used to better understand the global oil market.

Below is a sample of the topics covered. 

Thanks for reading! And if you’d like...

What do you consider the most important US crude oil storage site?

Chances are the site is located on the Gulf Coast, the beating heart of the US oil industry. 

The Gulf Coast contains more than half of the country’s refining capacity, making it a huge demand center. The region is also the outlet for US crude exports. 


The world’s top oil exporter will soon sell shares in state-owned Saudi Aramco in what figures to be the largest initial public offering (IPO) in history.

That’s significant because the IPO has forced Aramco to reveal lots of information about the company to potential investors. 

Last week, we reviewed the IPO prospectus...

On November 9, Saudi Aramco released a prospectus ahead of a planned share offering that could rank as the largest IPO in history. 

At 658 pages, the document is a deep dive into Aramco’s corporate structure and physical operations.

What would Aramco disclose about its oilfields? Would we learn anything new about product...

The amount of crude oil China holds in storage became a pertinent question this month when freight rates to Asia

reached record highs, discouraging flows on key supply routes from the Middle East and the United States.

Were China’s inventories sufficient to withstand declines in imports? Would refineries have to slow dow...

A team from Ursa traveled to Geneva this week for a global oil conference hosted by Argus. The event draws from the large pool of Geneva-based oil traders, as well as folks from around the world.

There was plenty to discuss. The topics included: 

  • The September 14th attacks on Saudi Arabia oil infrastructure 

  • Shi...

Saudi Arabia has begun to replenish its crude inventories as production returns to normal levels following the September 14 attacks.

With fears over supply losses mostly gone, oil prices have fallen as attention returns to the global economy and concerns over weak demand.

Is this the correct response? Are fundamentals as...

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