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US oil inventories provide fundamental insight. Comparing stocks against the five-year average was part of the analysis, but historic builds have distorted that figure for the time being. This complementary paper discusses an alternative approach.

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In the oil market, no country is an island. A supply disruption one place can have ramifications far away.

Take the recent shutdown of an oilfield in southwestern Libya and why that might matter in Primorsk, Russia or Ceyhan, Turkey.

On December 9, an armed group seized control of the Sharara oilfield (315,000 barrels pe...

When the Shanghai International Energy Exchange launched a crude futures contract back in March the oil market kept close tabs on its development.

Would China achieve its goal of establishing the world’s third crude benchmark? The other two being Brent and WTI. Or would the effort fizzle?

Perhaps the INE futures contract...

Cushing, Oklahoma has been the center of the US oil pricing universe since 1983 when the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) began trading a crude futures contract and selected Cushing as the delivery point.

But the transformation of the US Gulf Coast into a major oil export hub has generated lots of debate about the e...

How would you track the different stages of oil production in the Permian Basin?

The Permian’s spectacular growth has upended the global oil market. And the oil market is hungry for every bit of information about it. Yet significant knowledge gaps exist.

Keeping tabs isn’t easy across 75,000 square miles covering West Te...

The longest streak of consecutive declines in WTI crude futures ended Tuesday at 12 straight days, leaving the oil market wondering: what just happened?

Talk of $100 oil was on the lips of some analysts in early autumn. Then came October. WTI crude fell 10.8%, its biggest monthly percentage drop since July 2016. Nor did...

This week saw a major storm over the Persian Gulf. Literally. Heavy rains caused flooding in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.

It seems those dark clouds could also serve as a metaphor. The unusual weather for the region coincided with Washington restoring sanctions against Tehran that were lifted under the 2015 Iran nuclear...

The US renewal of sanctions against Iran, effective Monday, will keep the market’s focus on the the impact that Washington’s efforts to penalize Tehran are having on the global oil market.

There have already been significant shifts in flows. One example is Iran boosting crude exports to the Chinese port of Dalian where...

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